Company Inductions

The induction of new employees is a crucial process for every organisation, and unfortunately it's one that often leaves new starters bored, overwhelmed or detached from the very employer they're joining. However, when an employee induction is developed in a well-structured way it can lead to increased staff retention, while at the same time reducing the time needed for a new staff member to settle into the workplace and generally make for a happier addition to the work force.

We develop cost-effective induction solutions that streamlines the induction process, whilst reducing the cost and also time that the organisation needs to take to induct new employees.


Getting it right

A good induction should be comprised of blended learning - combining face-to-face training with interactive and engaging e-learning materials. e-clever will design your induction process to work for the requirements of your employees, tailored to their needs and job role. Induction processes can differ vastly between companies, so whilst something might work well for a large organisation with a rigid corporate culture, it may not work for smaller organisations with more relaxed identities.

The whole process should be well-structured and organised but allow for flexibility if something has to change at the last moment. When developing the process, we ensure the inductee is not overwhelmed on their first day but rather cover the immediate needs of the role and then plan for their first week, month and year.


Planning your Induction Process

To ensure that every aspect of a new employee's induction is catered for, the team at e-clever considers a number of points when designing your induction process:

  • Is it possible to give access to the induction plan to the new employee before they start so they know what to expect from their first week?
  • What policies and procedures do they need to know straight away?
  • Are there any legal or safety requirements that must be read and agreed before starting their position?
  • What made you feel anxious on your first day in a new job? Has this been considered when creating the induction plan?
  • Where can we manage the induction information and make it available to Managers and Human Resources if required.
  • Can the same system be utilised for an employee’s personal development and training?


Contact us to find out more about how e-clever can work with you to design an induction process that meets both your needs as well as those of your employees.